Nobama 2016 Campaign

How did Obama win in 2012 with the Benghazi scandal hanging over his head? Don't blame the conservatives. It's the ever-more-slanted mainstream/socialist media who put in a lot of overtime covering up Obama's nekkidness. (I really love the word 'nekkidness' today.)

What can we do to prevent Obama or an Obama-clone from winning in 2016? Blog! Blog as if your life depended on it, because it does. Each conservative, prolife blog, no matter how humble, can increase the internet profile of conservatives, promote the stories the MSM wants to hide, and save our constitutional republic from becoming an Obamanation.

If you have a conservative/prolife blog, no matter how new or unread, do this:

1. Add a link to Inglourious Ranterz and/or to the Nobama 2016 Campaign page to your blog sidebar.
2. Have a blog that is free from cussing, liberalism/progressivism/socialism, and nekkid pictures.
3. Drop us a comment on this page With Your Link!!! and we will check you out to add you to the Nobama 2016 Campaign blogroll.
4. Consider adding a Nobama 2016 Campaign blogroll to your own blog (at least, once we get that blogroll up and running here.)
5. Spread the word about the Nobama 2016 Campaign!

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