Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fetal Pain

I'm please to join the Inglourious Ranterz blog team. Shall I launch into a blog post or introduce myself first? Maybe I can manage both at once.

First off, I know what it's like to be young, unmarried, and unexpectedly pregnant. That was me about twenty-two years ago. My closest friend encouraged me to have an abortion. I didn't. I wasn't religious at that time; I just didn't want to end my baby's life, though I only had a vague notion about what an abortion really entailed and had no idea what a violent procedure it is. It violates the woman and literally tears apart her child.

I share my experience in order to explain why I don't condemn young women who have abortions. Most of them are scared, panicky, and unclear about fetal development and abortion. But that doesn't change the fact that abortion is intrinsically evil.
It's a procedure that intentionally ends the life of an innocent human being. And by 20 weeks, or possibly as early as 8 weeks, the unborn baby can feel pain. Fetal pain is something the pro-abortion people don't want to talk about, which is why they try so hard to knock down any legislation which would require pain medication for unborn babies about to be aborted.
But pain or no pain, it's wrong to kill an innocent human being.
Life Size 8 week fetal model

Some Sources to Check Out
Article "Unborn Babies Can Feel Pain"
Fetal Pain Report
Article at LifeNews
Guttmacher Institute (Where you can look up current abortion related legislation for each state)
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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your story. And your article was very well done, I liked the links to your sources.


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