Thursday, November 8, 2012

Uncle Sam Needs YOU--- to blog for prolife and conservative values.

Election results get you down? Don't despair! There is something you can do about it right now--- start a conservative/prolife blog. If you are able to write Facebook status updates and share stories, you have the basic skills you need to blog. It's not that difficult. Maybe your blog will never be a top conservative blog or have many readers. It doesn't matter. The more people we have writing conservative/prolife blog posts, the more chance there is for some to get noticed. And the more links you make, on your blog, to other conservative/prolife blog posts, the more those blog posts rise to the top of the blogosphere. Don't decide it's futile. Ever since I was in school, many, many years ago, the schools and the media have been pushing a left wing worldview and censoring/demonizing the other side of things. Yet in spite of that, about 1/2 of Americans are prolife. There are many young people active in prolife/conservative circles. If the left can't do better than that with the schools and the media in their hands, they are utter failures. And homeschooling and the new media mean that they can't count on continuing to have the monolithic influence they've had in the past. They are doomed on that count alone. And that's not even taking into account the fact that our side is having babies while their side is having abortions and sterilizations. It's a great time to be a conservative prolife person in America. --- Liberty Minnie

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