Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mass Shootings More Common in Gun Controlled States/Cities

Have you ever noticed that mass shootings are not taking place mainly or always in those cities or states who have very unrestrictive gun laws?

That's a little fact that the Obamedia doesn't want you to know. Even in that shooting on a military base the people there were not permitted to carry weapons unless they were on armed MP duty.

Well, it's only common sense. If law abiding citizens don't have the right to carry a gun for their own protection, then it's the violent criminals who get protected.

In one of the earlier school shootings, the news reports said, again and again, that a heroic teacher stopped the shooter before he could kill more. Only years later did I learn that what the teacher did was run out to his car in the parking lot and get his gun. I'd imagine that in a school parking lot today, no one would dare to have a gun locked in their car. And if they somehow did and stopped a shooting in its tracks with that gun, they would probably go to jail over it.

Once in Minnesota there was a school shooting at an Indian reservation school. In the pictures from the scene there was a prominent sign saying 'gun-free school zone'.

I longed to go back in time to replace that sign with one that said 'Warning: all staff members at this school are required to be armed. Teachers are required to carry two guns. Any act of violence you attempt to commit on these school grounds is at your own risk.' I would put up this sign even if the laws did not in fact require the teachers to be armed--- if, in fact, they were forbidden from having weapons.

The citizenry of a free country needs to be two things--- moral, and free to bear arms. Moral went out the window in schools when prayer and any mention of Christianity were forbidden--- in spite of the fact that Christian moral teaching was the original purpose of American public schools.

The freedom to bear arms is rapidly vanishing, and Obama has just promised more anti-gun laws. And when a stalked divorced woman is shot to death because she was not permitted to carry a gun to defend herself, the gun controllers will say 'see, we need more gun control'.

No. We need more responsible, moral people bearing arms, just like the school shooting teacher with the gun in his car. Every day an unknown number of lives are saved because somebody responsible had a gun.

But don't wait for the Obamedia to tell you about it.

~~~~ Liberty Minnie, armed American

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fetal Pain

I'm please to join the Inglourious Ranterz blog team. Shall I launch into a blog post or introduce myself first? Maybe I can manage both at once.

First off, I know what it's like to be young, unmarried, and unexpectedly pregnant. That was me about twenty-two years ago. My closest friend encouraged me to have an abortion. I didn't. I wasn't religious at that time; I just didn't want to end my baby's life, though I only had a vague notion about what an abortion really entailed and had no idea what a violent procedure it is. It violates the woman and literally tears apart her child.

I share my experience in order to explain why I don't condemn young women who have abortions. Most of them are scared, panicky, and unclear about fetal development and abortion. But that doesn't change the fact that abortion is intrinsically evil.
It's a procedure that intentionally ends the life of an innocent human being. And by 20 weeks, or possibly as early as 8 weeks, the unborn baby can feel pain. Fetal pain is something the pro-abortion people don't want to talk about, which is why they try so hard to knock down any legislation which would require pain medication for unborn babies about to be aborted.
But pain or no pain, it's wrong to kill an innocent human being.
Life Size 8 week fetal model

Some Sources to Check Out
Article "Unborn Babies Can Feel Pain"
Fetal Pain Report
Article at LifeNews
Guttmacher Institute (Where you can look up current abortion related legislation for each state)
~~Narnian Horse


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nobama 2016: or, what's Obama campaigning for now?

You may have heard some news about how Obama, instead of dealing with the 'fiscal cliff' issue, is off campaigning again. But isn't it a bit early to be spending taxpayer money on his next re-election campaign?

Some people may point out that according to the constitution he's not eligible to run again. Well, according to the constitution he's ALSO not allowed to tell religious organizations how to practice their religions, and he's doing that through his abortifacient/contraceptive mandate.

Obama also has a habit of using bureaucratic rules, which he can dictate, to get measures into force that he cannot get through Congress.

What's a conservative to do? Get the word out! The mainstream socialist media isn't going to cover any items critical of Obama until they find a new socialist Chosen One. So we of the Underground Media have got to spread the word through blogs, Facebook and the like as well as in person.

Don't yet have a conservative/prolife/anti-Obama blog? Start one! Post a couple of stories a week. You may not get many readers. But if your blog is one of the 200 blogs that shared a post from an up-and-coming conservative blog, by some mystical internet means that makes that conservative blog you shared from stronger, and its stories will be more likely to rise to the top in search engine results.

I call upon all bloggers and potential bloggers to share in our Nobama 2016 campaign. Start up a political blog if you don't already have one. Do it yourself or with friends. Add a link to Inglourious Ranterz, or to our Nobama 2016 page (soon to be added). And then, share the link to that blog in a comment below. We will visit your blog and add it to our new Nobama 2016 blogroll (unless it's full of cusses, liberalism or nekkid ladies).

~~~ Liberty Minnie

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Uncle Sam Needs YOU--- to blog for prolife and conservative values.

Election results get you down? Don't despair! There is something you can do about it right now--- start a conservative/prolife blog. If you are able to write Facebook status updates and share stories, you have the basic skills you need to blog. It's not that difficult. Maybe your blog will never be a top conservative blog or have many readers. It doesn't matter. The more people we have writing conservative/prolife blog posts, the more chance there is for some to get noticed. And the more links you make, on your blog, to other conservative/prolife blog posts, the more those blog posts rise to the top of the blogosphere. Don't decide it's futile. Ever since I was in school, many, many years ago, the schools and the media have been pushing a left wing worldview and censoring/demonizing the other side of things. Yet in spite of that, about 1/2 of Americans are prolife. There are many young people active in prolife/conservative circles. If the left can't do better than that with the schools and the media in their hands, they are utter failures. And homeschooling and the new media mean that they can't count on continuing to have the monolithic influence they've had in the past. They are doomed on that count alone. And that's not even taking into account the fact that our side is having babies while their side is having abortions and sterilizations. It's a great time to be a conservative prolife person in America. --- Liberty Minnie