Sunday, March 27, 2011

Southern-Fried Catholicism: Have You Seen the Abortion Van?

I must admit that when I first saw the above blog title I thought abortions were being performed in the van--- kind of like an ice-cream truck. And like an ice cream truck it could be playing a song over loudspeakers; 'Another One Bites the Dust' perhaps.

Here is the real story from Southern-Fried Catholicism:

I was talking to a young lady yesterday and she asked me just before I hung up, "Oh, hey, have you seen the abortion van?"
"The what?"
"The abortion van. There's a van riding around town that has pictures of what abortions are really like. I'm all for that dude. Good for him."
"Yeah...yeah. I thought you meant...something else. It's graphic alright but y'know, it takes what it takes. I saw those same pictures and the movie "The Silent Scream" when I was a kid. Can't forget it."

The "abortion van" is in town and has been on campus promoting the "Personhood Amendment". The organizer is nationally known anti-abortion activist, Dan Holman

See more, including pictures, at Southern-Fried Catholicism.

The MSM has been very successful in keeping the prolife message out of its 'fair and balanced' news coverage. Prolife is called 'the social issues' now. You know, dismembering a child through abortion and using the wrong fork at a fancy dinner, both social issues?

Question is, would you be willing to do what Dan Holman is doing,
taking on the label as an extremist and a nut-job, in order to get across to just a few people what abortion really looks like? Graphic images really gross people out and may scare children and pregnant women.

But imagine trying to explain the Holocaust without using those graphic images of piles of skeletal dead bodies.

So: here goes. Today I am a nut-job. The picture below is from Priests for Life and is medically verified to be the remains of a child aborted at 22 weeks. You can say whatever hateful personal things you like against me for showing this image. But forever after, can you ever agree that a 22 week child in the womb is a mere 'blob of tissue' that can be disposed of with as little concern as throwing away a Kleenex tissue?

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  1. I think we do need to show what abortion really looks like. The other side just has pithy slogans. But the truth is concrete. It's hard to deny it when it's in front of you.


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