Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prague Daily Monitor: Prolife March in Prague, Czech Republic

Good news from the Prague Daily Monitor:

About a thousand people marched through Prague centre to protest against abortions, some carrying white wooden crosses, others photos of newborn babies, pictures of saints or banners saying "Gynaecologists, Don't Be Contract Killers" and "Tolerance From Conception" Saturday.

"We don't agree with abortion. This is why we are here," a woman participating in the march said.

The 11th March for Life was preceded by a mass for unborn children celebrated by Prague Archbishop Dominik Duka at St Giles Church in the city's historical centre.

These small European countries with small birth-rates are threatened with extinction by the culture-of-death and birth-control-mentality. Maybe all those folks keen on saving the whales should consider a campaign to save the Czechs!

There are two good films, Demographic Winter and Demographic Bomb, which explain some of the consequences to society of a shrinking population base. They are very thoughtful films, well worth viewing.

--- Liberty Minnie

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