Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prochoice Activist 'Operation Counterstrike' Arrested

Operation Counterstrike, AKA Theodore Shulman, was arrested Feb 24 for making threats against prolife activists, according to the Christian Newswire.

I first became aware of Theo while visiting the blog of Fr. Frank Pavone, who has a prolife television show on EWTN, the Catholic network. Theo was making off-the-wall hostile comments, and at one point posted a link there to his brand-new blog, Operation Counterstrike.

This blog was inspired by the event of the murder of abortionist Dr. Tiller by a killer who was initially assumed to have connections with the prolife movement (he didn't). Theo's slogan for his new blog was 'Prolife is Murder' and he habitually referred to all prolife activists as 'terrorists'.

Although appalled and a little scared by some of the things Theo said, I became a 'fan' and a regular reader of his blog, and commented on it from time to time. I wanted to let him know that even though I disagreed with him, I didn't hate him or wish him ill.

According to the news story, Theodore Shulman is accused of making threats against certain prolife leaders including Jill Stanek. I'm afraid that after reading Theo's blog, I do believe it's possible he did what he's accused of (although legally he is PRESUMED INNOCENT until found guilty.)

I don't believe it's right to make threats, even if it's just on the internet, on a little-read blog. But I believe Theo's ranty blog was mostly just him expressing his freedom of speech, and I hope that other angry pro-abortion folk will continue to fight for their beliefs on their blogs just as I fight for mine.

To stay out of trouble, however, ALL bloggers need to avoid making actual threats, revealing personal addresses of opponents on their blog (as Theo did) and other forms of behavior that cause us to cross the line from being nice wholesome Ranterz into criminal behavior.

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