Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prague Daily Monitor: Prolife March in Prague, Czech Republic

Good news from the Prague Daily Monitor:

About a thousand people marched through Prague centre to protest against abortions, some carrying white wooden crosses, others photos of newborn babies, pictures of saints or banners saying "Gynaecologists, Don't Be Contract Killers" and "Tolerance From Conception" Saturday.

"We don't agree with abortion. This is why we are here," a woman participating in the march said.

The 11th March for Life was preceded by a mass for unborn children celebrated by Prague Archbishop Dominik Duka at St Giles Church in the city's historical centre.

These small European countries with small birth-rates are threatened with extinction by the culture-of-death and birth-control-mentality. Maybe all those folks keen on saving the whales should consider a campaign to save the Czechs!

There are two good films, Demographic Winter and Demographic Bomb, which explain some of the consequences to society of a shrinking population base. They are very thoughtful films, well worth viewing.

--- Liberty Minnie

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jill Stanek: Obama Featured on 'Black Genocide' Billboard.

It couldn't happen to a nicer Hitler. From Jill Stanek's blog:
Tomorrow, March 29, over 30 pro-life billboards will be unveiled on Chicago’s south side, where residents are predominantly black.

The billboards will feature a graphic of President Barack Obama and state, “Every 21 minutes, our next possible leader is aborted.” The billboard will direct interested parties to ThatsAbortion.com, where African-American pro-life leader Alveda King is prominently featured.

The Chicago billboards are sponsored by Life Always, the pro-life organization behind the recent NYC billboard that created an uproar. It stated, “The most dangerous place for an African-American baby is in the womb,” an accurate statement since 60% of all preborn black babies in the NYC area are killed by abortion.

Read the rest at Jill Stanek's blog.

My take: when folks are marching your people into the Nazi-style killing centers, isn't it OK to scream bloody murder?

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Southern-Fried Catholicism: Have You Seen the Abortion Van?

I must admit that when I first saw the above blog title I thought abortions were being performed in the van--- kind of like an ice-cream truck. And like an ice cream truck it could be playing a song over loudspeakers; 'Another One Bites the Dust' perhaps.

Here is the real story from Southern-Fried Catholicism:

I was talking to a young lady yesterday and she asked me just before I hung up, "Oh, hey, have you seen the abortion van?"
"The what?"
"The abortion van. There's a van riding around town that has pictures of what abortions are really like. I'm all for that dude. Good for him."
"Yeah...yeah. I thought you meant...something else. It's graphic alright but y'know, it takes what it takes. I saw those same pictures and the movie "The Silent Scream" when I was a kid. Can't forget it."

The "abortion van" is in town and has been on campus promoting the "Personhood Amendment". The organizer is nationally known anti-abortion activist, Dan Holman

See more, including pictures, at Southern-Fried Catholicism.

The MSM has been very successful in keeping the prolife message out of its 'fair and balanced' news coverage. Prolife is called 'the social issues' now. You know, dismembering a child through abortion and using the wrong fork at a fancy dinner, both social issues?

Question is, would you be willing to do what Dan Holman is doing,

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Obama (hearts) infanticide!

Well, of course Obama (hearts) infanticide, he admits to being a major supporter of Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest prenatal infanticide center chain.

But Haley Barbour had the bad grace to point out the Obama/infanticide link in public. From Jill Stanek's blog:

Barbour grew emotional when he touted Mississippi’s top rating from Americans United for Life and spotlighted a law enacted early in his 1st term as governor that required doctors to do everything possible to save a fetus that survives an unsuccessful abortion.

A bit choked up, Barbour said he never would have predicted at the time how important the law would be to a future White House campaign.

“Barack Obama fought such a law, and defeated such a law, in Illinois,” Barbour said.

“After an abortion in Chicago,” he said, pausing to collect himself, “the medical personnel are not able to save the life of a child. To me that’s inexplicable. And we changed the law in MS so that could never happen in our state.”

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Operation Counterstrike: Ireland Syndrome

Operation Counterstrike (Theodore Shulman) writes:
Just as Irish women routinely travel to England to get abortions, Polish women, unsurprisingly, are travelling to Germany to get abortions.

What Theo doesn't mention: a majority in Poland and Ireland must favor current laws or they would change, and abortion laws in Germany are more restrictive than those in the US.

The story to which Theo links tells of a Polish woman seeking an abortion accompanied by her baby-daddy, a Catholic priest. Of course the abusive priest wants Poland's laws to change to make it easier for him to cover up his abusive actions.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prochoice Activist 'Operation Counterstrike' Arrested

Operation Counterstrike, AKA Theodore Shulman, was arrested Feb 24 for making threats against prolife activists, according to the Christian Newswire.

I first became aware of Theo while visiting the blog of Fr. Frank Pavone, who has a prolife television show on EWTN, the Catholic network. Theo was making off-the-wall hostile comments, and at one point posted a link there to his brand-new blog, Operation Counterstrike.

This blog was inspired by the event of the murder of abortionist Dr. Tiller by a killer who was initially assumed to have connections with the prolife movement (he didn't). Theo's slogan for his new blog was 'Prolife is Murder' and he habitually referred to all prolife activists as 'terrorists'.

Although appalled and a little scared by some of the things Theo said, I became a 'fan' and a regular reader of his blog, and commented on it from time to time. I wanted to let him know that even though I disagreed with him, I didn't hate him or wish him ill.

According to the news story, Theodore Shulman is accused of making threats against certain prolife leaders including Jill Stanek. I'm afraid that after reading Theo's blog, I do believe it's possible he did what he's accused of (although legally he is PRESUMED INNOCENT until found guilty.)

I don't believe it's right to make threats, even if it's just on the internet, on a little-read blog. But I believe Theo's ranty blog was mostly just him expressing his freedom of speech, and I hope that other angry pro-abortion folk will continue to fight for their beliefs on their blogs just as I fight for mine.

To stay out of trouble, however, ALL bloggers need to avoid making actual threats, revealing personal addresses of opponents on their blog (as Theo did) and other forms of behavior that cause us to cross the line from being nice wholesome Ranterz into criminal behavior.

Mommy Aborted Me and All I Got was This Lousy T-Shirt....

NARAL Prochoice America is peddling T-shirts! This is what their e-commerce site says:

NARAL Pro-Choice America's official t-shirts for the April 7 Pro-Choice Lobby Day in Washington, D.C. are here. By buying one or both of these t-shirts, you'll do more than just stand up for a woman's right to choose. In fact, your purchase will make it possible for thousands of pro-choice Americans to flood Capitol Hill and visit face-to-face with their members of Congress.

Add your name to the list of other pro-choice Americans making a strong statement in support of women's freedom and privacy today. Now is the time to show politicians attacking legal abortion and other reproductive-health care that their War on Women must end.

NARAL's War on Women (and their children) continues, but at least they're making good money selling T-shirts about it....

--- Liberty Minnie

Operation Counterstrike: 'Pro-Terrorist is Dead'

From the blog Operation Counterstrike
Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who produced the right-to-lifist propaganda flick SILENT SCREAM, is dead.

Unfortunately, he died in his bed. He was not killed by a pro-choice counterterrorist. Too bad, he would have been a most effective target.

Comment by the Inglourious Ranter: the blog Operation Counterstrike was started as a response to the murder of abortionist Dr. Tiller. And here is OC suggesting that former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson would have made a good target. Before or after he became prolife, OC?

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