Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Operation Counterstrike: Low Level Counterterror

From the blog Operation Counterstrike:

Good for Dr. Ginde, who used her car to get right-to-life terrorist Ken Scott out of her driveway.

Run him over next time, doc!

Generally, Ken Scott would make an EXCELLENT target for pro-choice counterterror. He's been an active right-to-lifist terrorist for decades. Someone should pay him in his own coin.

In Operation-Counterstrike-speak, 'terrorist' means 'prolife advocate' or 'prolife supporter. In The Passionate Prolifer, the source OC gives for his story, this is how Ken Scott is described:

Ken Scott stands at the driveway of the Planned Parenthood facility in Denver offering help and counsel to abortion bound women five days a week.

Folks, don't run over prolife people with your car. It effs up the car big-time. Use your words like a big boy clone instead!

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